Real estate development

Write a 2 paper on real estate development msc. Personal ment reviewed The experience I have gained from different postings and my undergraduate studies have been preparing me for a career in this field. The passion with which I approach it with is immense especially since I have an architectural background. I have always held a desire to comprehend the change the UK has undergone to attain its development and appraisal procedures through Finance, Physical, Legal and social transformation. I have always held aspirations to become an architect that is why I enrolled for an architectural course as it exposed me to the world of structures often blind to others and enabled me to gain deeper understanding of the CAD programs which contributed to the success during my work experiences. However, it became apparent that finished buildings and structures were not the entire processes, the overlaps that existed between the buildings and business made me want to dig deeper in this process that is why I have chosen to incline my career towards this direction. Though designing structures, still interests me what interest me, the most is the cost and management side of the structures.I have gone through numerous blogs and studied resource works from RICS’s and have become intrigued by the behind the scenes logistics and work effort that are undertaken to construct buildings. A change of heart in interests has formed the basis of changing my career to be a quantity surveyor.

I engaged in work placement with Northlake on may last year where my interest in the building of structures developed. I also gained practical experience in the process. Most important is that I gained firsthand knowledge on completion of a construction project from scratch, analyzing the development issues and solutions to the issues during different phases of construction. Precisely I gained experience on the various factors that have to be taken into account, whether they are related to the designs or the stockholders. I learnt how to create designs using the CAD software and how to make the presentations to clients. During my time at Northlake I spent a lot of time engaging with both architects and quantity surveyors. It is at his point that I decided that the property development side was my way to go and follow. I have been greatly inspired by the experience I have gained during my placement period that is why I have selected property development as the topic of my dissertation that proves my desire and thirst for knowledge of the construction development process.

I marvel at built world that surrounds us. As a child, I was fascinated by the huge buildings and structures. The sheer height, the thought of the construction teams, the time they took, I was awestruck. Through the years, my architectural skills have widened the scope of not just having the measurements on paper or the sight of the complete structure, but aroused interest to explore the construction process as well. Over the past decades, the UK has undergone extreme construction transformation with a great deal of development taking place in my hometown and nearby urban centers. The development has contributed greatly to my understanding of architecture and construction which has become more and more complex as I have matured. My shift of heart to quantity surveying has partially been contributed by the belief that this is a vocation, not just a job. The experience I have gained throughout the time I have been in property development will help me a lot though I know how demanding the profession can be. To prepare myself for the degree, I enrolled for a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Quantity Surveying.

The course has been helpful especially on the legal aspects. I have learned how construction-related conflicts are arbitrated in courts and other in-depth areas of construction. Over time where I have worked on placements, I have interacted with construction teams thus the need to value teamwork has been instilled in me. I am aware of new developments in the construction industry including upcoming major projects that interest me by perusing through monthly construction magazines. I also keep an eye on the performance ratings of the industry, which tends to be affected by changes in the overall economic performance than other sectors. While I may have acquired knowledge from blogs and other sites and firsthand experience in the construction industry during may placement at Northlake, I recognize that to succeed in this sector it is important to enroll and undertake advanced-level studies not forgetting to hold a qualification from the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors (Cartlidge 2011: 222).

In addition to the building and surveying, I have been involved in various activities that I feel have helped to instill in me skills for life in a demanding situation. Outside class work I have worked at a call center which has helped me in dealing with customers and also the development of cohesive team units. The experiences have helped me in being a responsible, hardworking individual, with good organization and problem-solving skills. I have worked hard to attain knowledge in project management and business administration aspects in the construction business and have shown my enthusiasm to apply this knowledge in the practical world. I am ecstatic at the prospect of utilizing my technical skills and expertise required to a professional in the construction industry. To this regard am highly motivated to take my understanding of property and real estate to the next level and with the determination of being a chartered surveyor, I believe I will make it. I anticipate the chance to be able to apply them, and of course involve my immense passion of buildings, through first degree, and then a career in the profession. Reference Cartlidge D., (2011), New Aspects of Quantity Surveying Practice.

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