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Python file. Please comment out the steps and post a screenshot of your code. Thanks (The second part where it says add multiplication and etc. is extra credit but it would be useful to know how to add any of it in the code)Extra Credit Options: Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Attachment 5Attachment 6Attachment 7Attachment 8Part 1For this part you will be writing three functions ?# function :`horizontal _ Line# input :`a width value ( integer )# processing : prints a single horizontal Line of the desired size# output :does not return anything# function :"Line# input :`a shift value and a height value ( both integers )# processing : generates a single vertical Line of the desired height . the Line is#offset from the left side of the screen using the shift value# output?does not return anything# function :`vertical _ Lines# input :`a width value and a height value ( both integers )# processing : generates two vertical Lines . the first Line is along the left side of#the screen . the second Line is offset using the " width " value# Output :does not return anything

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