Public vs Private Sector

Compose a 750 words essay on Public Sector vs Private Sector. The researcher states that the evaluation of projects has three key parts: a) the identification of costs, b) the identification of outputs and c) the comparison of the findings related to the previous two phases. In practice, the method chosen for the evaluation of a project can highly variable depending on the project’s targets, the resources available and the environment in which the project was first developed. For example, if the project has been developed in the private sector its evaluation will be based on a method that will be different from those used in the public sector. The specific method of project evaluation is ideal for projects that have both economic and non-economic effects. When the costs involved in a project are difficult to be precisely estimated, then the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis would be preferred. The Cost-Effectiveness Analysis has an important benefit: it gives the chance to choose among alternative projects so that the project related to the lowest costs is identified. The only drawback of the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis is the following one: in projects of the public sector, not all costs can be clearly estimated in advance, especially if the project involved is related to a non-economic sector, as, for example, education. A different process for the evaluation of a project can be chosen, taking into consideration the economic and social environment and the project’s targets.&nbsp.

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