Psychological and sociological theories

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LengthUse a word processor (preferably MS Word) to create your paper. The final paper should be 6-8 pages in length, double-spaced with 12 point font, not including tables or the reference list.The final paper should include a title page, an introduction, a thesis statement, a body, a conclusion and a reference list.ReadabilityYour paper should use correct grammar, effective topic sentences and transitions, an organized and clear flow, limited use of quotations, and synthesis of information using your own words. I should incorporate references.Citation and Reference StyleYour paper should be written in APA style. For more details on APA formatting and online database citations se assignment assesses the following intended course outcomes:Differentiate between psychological and sociological theories and research methods in order to analyze aging at the micro, macro, and inter-disciplinary levels.Differentiate between expected and atypical neurocognitive changes in aging adults in order to discuss the well-being of older adults.Analyze the impact of the social construction of aging in order to develop evidence-based policies in settings that serve older adultsThe purpose of this assignment is twofold. 1) to obtain a personal understanding of an elderly person and 2) to relate your interviewee’s experiences and attitudes to those discussed in class. Both of these objectives must be met to receive full credit for your project.The following topics must be included:1. A biography of your interviewee including demographic data.2. An interview with relevant questions pertaining to aging.3. An analysis of the interview that includes:a. Sociological issues that have in the past, and are now influencing your interviewee’s experiences of aging. (For example, the influence of past events, race/ethnicity, family influence and community).b. Psychological concepts and issues that impact your interviewee related to aging. (For example, physical, emotional, and cognitive issues, Erikson’s psychological schemes, attitudes towards aging, level of well-being, sense of alienation, and/or isolation, general outlook about the present, and future).4. Conclusion:a. Your reaction to the project.b. What were your views about aging before your interview?c. Did your views change as a result of the project? If so, how?d. What did you learn about aging in America from the project?e. What did you learn about yourself from the project?ATTACHED IS THE PAPER TO ELABORATE ON. THAT IS THE PAPER I NEED TO US FOR THIS PROJECT.

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