Proposal for Jamba Juice

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Write an essay on Proposal for Jamba Juice. It needs to be at least 500 words.After running the successful business of only nutritious beverages that include, healthy smoothies, squeezed fruit juices and fresh blend of juices, teas and coffees and oatmeal later, Jamba Juice adopted a new line of healthy items. These include baked items and fresh salads, wraps, and sandwiches and fruit yogurts. And, now Jamba Juice is motivated to open its new store at ‘San Antonio International Airport’.Jamba Juice Company actively works for a nonprofit organization named “Bay Area Leadership Foundation (BALF)”. As a matter of fact, they chose Jamba Juice as a ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year’ (Globenewswire, 2015).Jamba Juice Company is looking forward to establish its new restaurant at ‘San Antonio International Airport’ as it has a capacity of dealing around eight million travelers in a year domestic and international (Aviation Department, 2014). Idea of expanding the business at a populous place that deals with non-stop public operations can be very effective way to conduct profitable operations. There are number of restaurants already present at San Antonio Airport, But Jamba Juice Company has a unique selling point of providing fresh and full of nourishment fruit blends.In order to start a new restaurant, the company needs to invest in major goods. some of them are going to be their assets as they will last longer and need to spend in expenses like Deposit for building’s security. It remains as the major expense because legal fee registration and certification are legally advised. company can restate its budget in marketing expense. Since the restaurant manage day to day fruit buying, transportation cost is going to be the highest among all the operating expenses.According to the table above, Jamba Juice Company has a potential to establish its store at its new location, San Antonio Airport, as the company is rising with the growth rate of 8% annually, and eligible to

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