Propagation speed

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Five equa l – s i z e da t agr ams be longing to the s ame me s s age l e ave for the de s t ina -t ion one a f t e r another. However, they travel through di f f e r ent pa ths as shown inTable 8.1.Table 8.1 Exercise 12Datagram Path Length Visited Switches1 3200Km 1,3,52 11,700 Km 1,2,53 12,200 Km 1,2,3,54 10,200 Km 1,4,55 10,700 Km 1,4,3,5We assume tha t the delay for e a ch switch (including waiting and processing) is 3,10, 20, 7, and 20 ms respectively. Assuming that the propagation speed is 2 x 108m,find the order the da t agr ams arrive a t the destination and the delay for each. Ignoreany othe r delays in transmission.

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