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As part of your final projects (e.g., Case study poster, final paper) you are required to turn in a references cited page listing the 5 peer-reviewed references that you will be drawing on to help situate your project within the broader academic community. This helps you advance your project and get feedback on the appropriateness of your references to fulfill this requirement.You are permitted to cite popular press pieces (e.g., online news articles) and non-peer reviewed sources such as organizational reports and essays for your project but these DO NOT count as peer-reviewed references. You need only to turn in your list of 5 peer-reviewed references formatted appropriately for the purpose of this assignment. However, you may turn in your entire reference cited section if completed. Please refer to the following website through the UF library system if you need better clarification on what counts a peer-reviewed source: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.All references are to be formatted in APA 6th style for both in-text and the reference section, which is the most common in the social sciences. A great resource for APA 6th is Purdue’s Online Writing Lab APA Style webpage: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Please provide the following for your references:Full nameSemester and dateCourse titleProject title and subtitle (e.g., Yabba Dabba Doo: A Poster Project of Yogi the Bear)REFERENCES* *after the REFERENCES which is to be center justified in all caps, double-space and provide peer-review references in double-spaced, left justified, APA style. See example below:Kahler, J.S., & Gore, M.L. (2015). Local perceptions of risk associated with poaching of wildlife implicated in human-wildlife conflicts. Biological Conservation, 189, 49-58.The title of the research proposal is BUSHMEAT POACHING IN NIGERIA

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