Project Execution Case Study

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Project Execution Case Study (Blue Spider Case). ulnar race for grabbing the power/ business and in this melee, at times, the interests of human resources/ employees, ethics are not accorded the priority that should ordinarily be associated with such decisions. As is quite apparent, from the case study, in order to have a pie of the Army’s Spartan program, Parks Corporation wanted to be a subcontractor of Lord Industries at any cost.

Henry Gable, the Director of Engineering, wanted to entrust the responsibility of heading the project program to Gary Anderson, an able Engineer with Parks. But an ethical dilemma hit Gary at the very beginning when it was known that Parks doesn’t have the requisite components operating through the temperature range of -65 0F to 145 0F. Designs of Parks could not have withstood beyond 130 0F. Henry was coerced by his boss, Mr. Gable not to divulge this fact to Lords and he told Henry to go in for manipulation. Well, it is worthwhile here to mention that, this sort of practice can get some temporary gains to an organization, but ultimately truth prevails.

Particularly in these times when there’s widespread talk of business ethics and customer satisfaction, manipulating the facts, that too for a product of such strategic importance appears to be quite an aberration on the part of Gable who is leading the project. Leaders are understood to have the most important and powerful influence on the culture of an organization and are responsible for creating credibility and trust. There is more to work than is commonly assumed.

There is rich opportunity for leaders to appeal to more than just the material rewards. In addition to ethical issues arising out of changing norms and contrasting social theories, ethical dilemmas plague everyone, even individuals who are honest and confident in their moral stance. Gary faced the dilemma even before the start of the project.

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