Process of grievance arbitration.

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Reply to the students response in 150 words and provide 1 referencequestion  Explain the process of grievance arbitration. What are your experiences with this process? students response Grievance arbitration is the last step in the grievance process.  Once the employee has gone through the mandatory grievance steps, they are eligible for grievance arbitration.  This process involves using a third party that is unbiased towards the other parties to settle the dispute.  Both parties going through the arbitration process agree to abide by the decision made by the arbitrator.  I have not seen the end of the grievance process yet.  I have seen what happens at the state level to employees that fall under union protection but have been written up enough to be reduced in grade and terminated.  That is also a long and lengthy process.  This process may take a year or more and then if the employee does not approve or feels the outcome is biased or illegal in some way, the next step after filing a formal grievance would be to meet with the union and employer’s grievance arbitrator.

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