Process Analysis

Write 3 page essay on the topic Process Analysis. Partial choking occurs when air flow occurs, though in minute amounts. This means that air finds its way into the lungs, though in fairly inadequate amounts. In the case of complete choking, the victim survives for a few minutes due to the fact that blood and lungs naturally store some oxygen. When this oxygen depletes, it results to the victim’s death. This condition may take place as a result of various reasons. One example may be illustrated by the clogging of the airway by a foreign body. This may be an edible piece or an artificial object. In children, playing objects or misplaced items cause this situation. Another cause of such a situation may be a health issue. This is most likely to occur from a respiratory disease, which may involve the clogging of the air way.

Strangling activities around the larynx, which may cause compression of the trachea, may also cause choking. It is relatively simple to make out an individual that is chocking. In a scenario where a person cannot cry or speak out willingly, the person may be suffering from choke. This person may use sign language to try and create attention over his/ her situation. This signs may be mistaken for amusement, especially if the victim is known as having clown behavior in the norm. In such an environment, the people involved may burst in laughter at the presumed joke, while the other fights for his/ her life. The process can be applied if an abdominal thrust occurs when the person helping a victim positions themselves behind the patient. This process may be challenging to apply on a person who is more build in stature than the administrator. The administrator applies pressure below the victim’s diaphragm, which proceeds to additional pressure on the object through lung compression. This process may require the administration.

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