Problems in organization

Understanding and Managing People Find an article on the United States Postal Service and workplace violence. The article that you choose should identify a problem that currently exists in an organizational setting.  From the topic that you choose, summarize the concerns identified in the article and compare to the organizational policy that you located. Provide your opinions regarding whether or not the policy addresses the concerns identified in the article. If so, please support your response. If not, please support this position as well. In any case, please provide any recommendations you may have regarding information that should be added to be effective in organizations. 


1.Student should write a well-researched paper, approximately 2-3 pages and double-spaced (not counting a title page or references page).

2. Student should follow the APA Style Manual for referencing and citing sources in the paper.

3. Paper should be written in third person – not first person.

4. Paper should be error-free, so it may be wise to have another person proof your work.

5. All sources must be properly cited, according to APA style. In essence, you need to use in-text citations (no footnotes or endnotes in this paper whatsoever). Full citations of all works should be included in the References section, formatted in APA Style.

6. The paper must contain the following elements:

a. Title Page

  b. Introduction

c. Body

d. Summary/Conclusions

e. References section

f. Appendix (if tables or charts or necessary)

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