Problem Facing UK Copyright Law

Write 5 pages with APA style on Problem Facing UK Copyright Law Arising in Digital Market. This paper will evaluate the Problems facing UK copyright law as a result of the digital market. Additionally, I will explain why I chose this topic. Moreover, the paper will cover my intended research methodology. Also, it will cover a review of the previous studies conducted on this topic.Many organizations and people come up with new innovations and inventions in addition to improving their current properties. This innovations, inventions and improvements have an economic value. As such, laws have been formulated to protect such intellectual properties and innovations against copying or illegal usage. These laws are founded on the concept or idea that if an individual, group or organisation has utilized his or her expertise, knowledge and resources to design and create a new item, no other person must benefit from that invention without the inventor’s authorization. In order to enforce compliance, there is need for legislation to deter illegal usage of another person’s property.Most governments enact copyright laws to guard and provide exclusive rights to creators of original work for a specified time. Often, it is referred to as the right to copy. However, it gives the copyright holder other additional rights. The development and creation of the computer network and digital media technologies have prompted the UK government to reinterpret the copy right laws. Patents, trade secrets and trademarks are applicable to expressible forms of information or ideas. Under the intellectual property law, owners are given exclusive rights to a multitude of intangible assets (Lemley, 2004). For example, literary, artistic works. inventions and discoveries, designs and symbols and musical works. Intellectual and copyright property rights encompass patents, trademarks, trade secrets and industrial design rights depending on the jurisdiction.

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