Privacy, Laws, and Security Measures

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Write a 3 page essay on Privacy, Laws, and Security Measures.The hackers may come from inside or outside the organization. They try to get information of the organization which is protected and use it for purposes well known to them. A malicious code refers to Trojan horses, viruses and other uninvited software. These malicious codes once associated to computers can destroy data or copy information which is useful to the organization thus paralyzing organization activities.It persons should be properly trained on the ways of maintaining the network security and other factors which involve the IT department. One or the privacy problems facing organizations today in IT is lack of proper training. This will result to lack of data security measures which will expose data to network hackers. The competitors may take this advantage and use the information against the organization.The sporting goods store is involved with purchasing, distribution and retailing of sports goods and equipments. These processes involve a lot of data exchange between the store and other stakeholders like suppliers and customers. The goods store practices e-commerce which involves online purchasing. The information generated and sent via the internet is vulnerable to cyber threats. Hackers may pass this information to competitors who may alter the information before it reaches its destination. Alteration means that information reaching the suppliers or customers will not be the same information generated from the store and these will cause confusion and misunderstanding. This will result to loss of customers and suppliers which is a great loss to the sporting store.Lack of proper training of the IT persons will bring privacy risks in the sporting goods store.&nbsp. Lack of proper training indicates that IT experts don’t have the knowledge of the privacy security measures necessary for the organization. These security measures include network passwords, prevention of unauthorized activities from taking place and

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