Prince of Hijaz and Ottoman Empire

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Write a 5 page essay on Prince of Hijaz and Ottoman Empire.Ottoman Empire in Arab peninsula extended over four centuries, and with an authority that fluctuated in terms of strength and weakness. Further, this period also saw the rise of the Saudi Kingdom referred to as Al Saud. The alliances that were later formed in this region resulted in the expansion of Saudi and which provides impetus to the Saudi Arabian dynasty in the present day.The history of the Prince of Hejaz and Ottoman Empire also provides the reader with insight of when the Saudi state was created. However, this state was later destroyed by Mohammed Ali Pasha. This later contributed to the establishment again of a smaller Saudi state that existed in Nejd. However, throughout the 19th century, Al Saud continued to pursue for control of the interior lands and which, later formed Saudi Arabia and ruled by the Al Rashid. Later in the 20th century, the hold on power by Ottoman Empire begun to collapse, this period also marked the rise to power by Ibn Saud who ruled over Riyadh, and specifically Nejd. This led to Al Saud coming back from exile in Kuwait and settled in Nejd. The rise into power enabled Ibn Saud to gain support from the Ikhwan that was a tribal army which, derived influence from Wahhabism. The local army looked upon Ibn Bijad and Faisal Al-Dawish for leadership, this army was founded in 1912 and allowed Ibn Saudi to gain strength over the Ottomans. Further, a revolt by the unified Arabs around 1916 to 1918 contributed to the demise of Ottoman Empire and their control over Arabia.This article is an important source for this topic in the sense that it describes the history of Ibn Saud also referred to as Abdual Aziz Ibn Saud. Further, this article provides information regarding Nejd which, is considered to be an Ancient land in the Arabian Peninsula. Through this article, the reader is also able to understand where the Islam religion originated. However, later on, this

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