President handling the controversy

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Can you give me some suggestion for this assignment?OPENING PARAGRAPH: RecommendationBACKGROUND PARAGRAPHS: As many as four paragraphs, outlining the subject, facts relevant to the subject, other comments from experts related to the subjectCLOSING PARAGRAPH: Action that now should be taken to execute the recommendationWith the government shutdown continuing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote President Trump a letter saying she was withdrawing her invitation for the President to address the nation in the US House on January 29. President Trump’s initial response was that he would still show up to the House chamber on the agree upon date. Later, the President said he would still give a speech, but at another location.Your job in the White House is senior advisor to the President. You are writing this position paper to the President. How do you believe the President should handle the controversy?State of the Union Controversy Video

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