Postgrad program acceptance

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Cover letter for postgrad program acceptance

The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. of the Health sciences and medicine Topic: Cover Letter for Postgrad Program Acceptance Dear Postgraduate Program Coordinator, I am a graduate and now look forward to seek admission to GPR program in your esteemed institution.

My following credentials make me a strong bidder for participating in the GPR (General Practice Residency).

1.Throughout my clinical education, I volunteered for various types of dental services and in the process, I have gained valuable practical clinical experience. I have handled successfully cases of surgical extraction of badly composed teeth, root canal treatment and implanting crown and bridge. These were some of the important assignments handled by me on a regular basis.

2.Qualification-wise, I think that I am eminently suited to bid for the seat in your institution and I hold (a) A board certificate for dental ceramist (CDT) and (b) M.S. in Fine Mechanical Engineering. This, coupled with my practical experience as stated above, equip me well to take up challenging assignments in my career as a general practitioner on completion of the GPR program.

3.I consider all types of honest work as equal and hard work is a way of life for me. With my experience of working as a CDT, I am a gainer in both the practical aspects of art and science. I have handled my assignments in different departments of the laboratory well and interactions with the staff and the patients have enabled me to develop the leadership qualities. My engineering background and knowledge of ceramic research are the assets that will prove highly useful in my future practice. I am acutely aware of the importance of patient-doctor-technician communication systems and am well prepared for such communication. I have chosen the field of dentistry as the mission of my life and not just exclusively for economic gains, but also for self-actualization.

4.Incidentally, I wish to bring to your notice an important aspect related to my personal life that has had bearing on my academic achievements so far. When I appeared for an interview at the dental school, my son was just two months old. In the ensuing years, I considered it my duty to devote time to my family, apart from the associated rigors of motherhood. In the process, my regular study suffered. But I felt happy and amply rewarded that I was able to give lots affection and attention to the young one, when he needed and deserved them most. At the age of three now, he is wise enough to understand what my profession is and he lisps that he wants to be a dentist. I am elated and proud of him. My academic performance has improved much as I am able to devote more time to my studies and in this semester I have secured a GPA of 3.4.

I am now able to carry out multiple responsibilities of devoting quality time to my family and by volunteering service at fast-paced clinics and working for professional growth by attending Continuing Education Courses. I am now deeply interested in pursuing the postgraduate program in dentistry GPR. From the literature review of the postgraduate programs and discussions with many professionals on this subject, I am convinced that this is the University that I am looking forward to, as your University has excellent track record for providing sterling professionals on the subject of dentistry.

Please note from my attached resume that I fulfill all the eligibility conditions laid down by your University for seeking admission. I am mentally prepared well for taking up the post-graduation course now. I take this opportunity to share my interesting experience in working in a slum area in the suburbs of New York for free dental checkup for the high school level students. We were a group of ten students selected for study cum honorary service and were appalled to note the lack of knowledge of dental hygiene among the students and members of their families during the checkups. Many of them were undergoing dental checkup for the first-time in their life.

Students from our group wished to do something tangible in such areas. After completion of my post-graduation I decided to work on a regular basis, by devoting at least 4 hours per week to giving dental service to people from underprivileged sections of the society. I am already in touch with some of the philanthropic organizations in New York and have sent a detailed proposal to them. I hope you will consider all the facts and accept my candidature for the master’s program. I thank you in anticipation of a favorable decision.

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