Porcine Somatotropin

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Write 7 page essay on the topic Porcine Somatotropin: Safe for Human Consumption.There are some groups of individuals who are continuously promoting the use of porcine somatotropin on food products. In most cases, these groups of individuals are trying to persuade and encourage the people to support the legalization of pST in food supply because of the health, economic, social and environmental benefits of porcine somatotropin on food products. In line with this, their main argument is focused to the fact that leaner pork with less fat content is healthier than consuming pork full of saturated fatty acids. Therefore, consumption of leaner pork could result to lesser incidence of coronary heart diseases and high blood pressure among related chronic health diseases.Released from the anterior pituary gland, somatotropin (ST) is a kind of natural protein hormone that regulates the growth of animals, stimulates the milk production, and improves the overall productive efficiency in livestock 5. A type of somatotropin, the porcine somatotropin (pST) is a growth hormone that are commonly produced and secreted by the glands of pigs. Since pST is a hormone produced by the pigs’ body, it remains questionable whether or not pST is safe for human consumption.The application of pST in animals remains a controversial issue because of the people’s concern with regards to the health and safety of making the use of pST legally accepted for human consumption. As a common source of protein, pork is widely sold in the market for human consumption. In line with this, Etherton 5 explained that the supply and demand for food products in relation to the continuously increasing world population encourages a lot of people to test the health benefits and safety of treating pork with pST.The purpose of this paper is to identify the different angles of controversial issues behind the use of pST in medicine and the administration of pST in animals particularly the pigs. Based on

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