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Part 1 – Length 200 wordsChoose 1 of the 6 Imagist Poets and read their poems from this collection. You can review more about your poet and the Imagist movement in the Unit 2 Intellipath Lesson:  ‘Some Imagist Poets’.In the preface, Amy Lowell describes the 6 Principles of the Imagist movement. Use these to answer these questions on the discussion board: The principles indicate that Imagist poets wanted to use common language. Was there any language your found unclear or fanciful? What is a modern, common word you could use to replace it?   Imagist poets believed in freedom of topic. What are some of the topics your poet chose to write about?   Which image from the poems did you find most compelling and why?Part 2 – Length 10 linesCreate your own imagist poem. Be sure to use common, clear language to create poetic rhythm and imagery.   Choose a modern topic you think your poet would be interested in if they were alive today.   Write a poem of 10 lines.     Include imagery and sensory language (e.g., sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste).    Post your poem on the Discussion Board.

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