Planning a Birthday Party

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Write the followin on Planning a Birthday Party. Write a 250 word paper answering; The techniques also explain the order of activities to take place and it is important in estimating the required resources to be used in the party (Kloppenborg, 1900). The strategic planning process that has been used in this project are, Involves introducing the project team-involves team members who will assist in implementing the project. Coming up with a plan of initiating the project-it involves providing guidelines and definition of the goals and importance of the project. Establishing the project leadership environment Allocation of the tasks Some of the key topics that would be included in the weighted scoring model include the requirements. This is the things necessary for the party to take place. They support the whole process of planning. The requirement may contain a list of the criteria to be considered. The guests will be the second topic where we will evaluate the different guests who will be in attendance and the importance of the guests, performances, and gifts and after-party activities will be the other topics that should be looked closely (Kloppenborg, 1900). Requirement Requirement weight A B Guests 57% 36% 21% performance 40% 25% 15% Weighted score 97% 61% 36% Reference Kloppenborg, T. J. (1900). Contemporary Project Management. Place: South-Western College Pub.

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