Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

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Essay on Plagiarism and Academic Integrity.

Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Proper paraphrasing should involve using your own word to express another person’s idea. Nevertheless, you should still acknowledge the original source of the idea through in text citation and in the reference page. However, rearranging word in a statement entails copying someone’s idea, which is equivalents to plagiarizing (Walden University, 2012).&nbsp.The third thing I learnt about plagiarism is when I am supposed to cite sources.

From the weeks readings, I have learnt that I should always cite direct quotes from other peoples work, paraphrased or summarized ideas, statistical information, when not sure if a certain concept require citation and whenever I make use of any source that contains someone else idea (City College of San Francisco , 2011. Prentice Hall Companion, 2011).This knowledge is crucial and will enable me to indicate the original source of information I may use in my own writing always. This is crucial since it will enable me build my academic integrity and avoid mishaps such as cancelation of assignments. Acknowledging other people’s ideas will enable me to become a responsible student since I will be recognizing the people who have played a role in my learning.

Academic integrity is important because it helps in development of honesty and responsible. Academic integrity means being able to respect other people’s work by being able to distinguish my ideas and acknowledging those of others. Academic integrity helps in establishment of dignity between the students, instructors and the entire institution.

Additionally, academic integrity enables creation of an environment when students are able to triumph out of their own efforts (Walden University, 2012).&nbsp. An institution that emboldens academic integrity enables the students to develop their own philosophies. Instructors are able to identify the students input into a piece of work when they acknowledge other

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