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Write an essay on Pick topic. It needs to be at least 500 words.I should rely more on fruits and yoghurt for dessert rather than sugar enriched dishes. In the same manner, there should be more vegetables, legumes and fruits included in my dinner plan to increase by the nutrition on my diet.A human body whether male or female function on protein, carbohydrate and lipids along with vitamins and minerals achieved from food. Generally, protein is needed for muscles and organs of body. Nutrients are substances needed for growth, metabolism, and for other body functions. With insufficient supply of these macro nutrient the body gets malfunctioned which result in diseases. I believe my fiber intake is less that recommendation and I should include more tubers, vegetables and fruits in my diet. Apart from this, legumes and pulses can add the fiber and nutritional supply in my dietWhen it is the issue of food my strength is that I like to see variety in my food menu. I like to mix and match food items which is really a positive thing. Because I like various food sources and colors in my diet, I can access to multiple nutritious food. I am not monotonous with my food menu and like to change food every time throughout the week. Also I like to eat fruits along with all my meals as my appetite increases when I see colorful fruits on my table. It is a fact that I have sweet tooth and indulging in healthy desserts add to my satiety value and usually my dessert .I also have the strength of liking vegetables in my diet as their color and peculiar taste add to my palate.My Weakness : My weakness is that I consistently want sweet dishes in my menu throughout the day. Also I adore food that is fatty and oily. I am a person who loves meat products and replacing it with fish make me think twice. The other weakness is that I don’t like dairy product much and that is the reason you see less of milk and chesses in my daily consumption.Suggestion to patient : Eat more of green leafy vegetables and

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