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Compose a 1250 words essay on Pick the topic by your own. Needs to be plagiarism free!Most of the time in the writing classes, students encounter various forms of essay genres, and most of them follow under expository, narratives, descriptive, and argumentative approaches. Before pointing out and discussing these elements, it is important to understand first of all what an essay is.The origin of the word essay can be traced back to the French influence on Middle English. In Latin, the word is a form of a verb known as exigent, and it literally meaning is to drive out, while other meanings are to test and examine. Thus, from these meanings, students are able to understand the importance of writing academic essays, which enables them to examine and test their own ideas about a particular topic.Essay writing requires a student to learn various skills that are significant in writing excellent essays. Some of these skills are like persuasion, analysis, close reading, exposition, contrast and comparison, and also clarity. By nature, essays should be written in a way that depicts clarity in direction and purpose, should be interesting, and also should be deliberate. When students understand various essay genres, they are able to familiarize themselves with the process of writing essays, and as a result, they become confident in writing any form of an essay.Essay writing also involves some essential elements that dominate in all kinds of academic writing assignment. Failure to use one or any important element might make the essay inadequate. Some elements are weighed more heavily than others depending on either the assignment, specific course or the academic discipline one is pursuing. These elements include.This part forms the point of the paper, and it gives the purpose of the essay. It gives the main focus of the paper, its significance, originality, and gives a clue of the expected academic audience. The thesis

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