Photography and Graphic Design

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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Photography and Graphic Design. Given that this is a career that needs a creative mind, it is also important to note that it has evolved with technology. These are my key reasons that inspired me to take a career in photography and graphic design.Years ago, artists and graphic designers got inspired by earlier painters and ideas from art origins. Art such as medieval architecture, early paintings were an inspiration to artists and graphic designers in the 19th century (Kleiner, 2009). The same paintings and architecture inspired the modern-day graphic designer and photographer. Some of the early painters or pioneers were Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti, an Italian painter, architect and Leonardo da Vinci also a painter and architect (Kleiner, 2009). Therefore, this shows that cultural influences were equally critical in making the history of photography and graphic designs.According to the report made by the U.S Department of labor, graphic designers in the year 2006 held about 261,000 jobs in different fields (2008, p.305). Out of these jobs, 25% of them were self-employed as full-time or part-time freelancers. Latest Bureau of labor statistics from the U.S Department of labor shows that in 2012, there were 136,300 jobs, held by photographers.The current employment trends related to this career only depend on photographer designer’s professional experience, education level and the size of the firm hiring. The employment statistics also show a photographer graphic designer’s career is also projected to grow by 4% by the year 2022 (U.S Department of Labor, 2008).The general duties of photographer and graphic designers revolve around their use of creativity, technical expertise, and skills composition.

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