Pharmacy school

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For pharmacy school.

When I attended my first pharmacy workshop at UCI, I realized that pharmacy is the only profession that I wanted to adopt because it brings the best of me. Ever since, I conducted intensive research into the area, I was able to gain knowledge that helped me to identify the key areas for specialization in the field. Then, I attended pharmacy technician school because of which I received my technician license. This brought in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical products and their formulas for me. By acquiring the license, I was able to apply for a job in a pharmacy. While working at the pharmacy, I came to realize that patients are not handled correctly at pharmacies, and they are being provided with pharmaceutical products, about which they do not have any information. Additionally, the work experience I gained at the pharmacy job helped me to determine that people lack basic knowledge of medicine that can be harmful for them (Veatch and Haddad 94). Since then, I decided to focus on helping the society by providing them quality and harmless pharmaceutical products. I realized that being a pharmacist brings a lot of responsibilities of people’s lives on a pharmacist. And that it is the duty of pharmacists to assist less fortunate patients who cannot afford to buy medicines.

In addition, I also received a graduation degree from UCLA in biochemistry and attended workshops on cancer and its treatment in order to gain knowledge about pharmaceutical products and their formulas. The study of these areas further enabled me to strengthen my grip of the pharmaceutical industry and the formulas used to manufacture medicinal products. I have planned to open up a pharmacy where patients would be educated correctly about the medicines they are purchasing. I want to merge my mother’s herbal product business with my pharmaceutical business so that her dreams are fulfilled. Moreover, I want to reduce the cost that patients bear for each

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