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People lack time to prepare meals and therefore consume junk food. The food is associated with health problems when consumed over time. Any individual who aims to correct the bad behavior has to train his or her mind to accept the changes in meals and have the determination (Baechle, 2004).Based on personal understanding a personal trainer is helpful in the achievement of future goals. The initial step in the training program is the creation of a future that one intends to achieve. It involves setting future goals by the trainee, and the trainer can understand what the trainee wants to achieve.

The key issue in goal setting is having the right kind of goals “fitness encompasses more than achieving the perfect body” (McClaran, 2003). It is about having a body that is fit and healthy. Trainers play an important role in assisting trainees to set good goals such as being healthy rather than being thin (Earle et al, 2004)Research indicates that the second step is the formulation of a compelling future. it is considered as a requirement towards winning the “inner game” in the training. The creation of a compelling future includes the visualization of the goals desired and the beneficial outcomes of the training.

The images obtained help the trainee to get inspired and moved towards the realization of the dreams. Visualization of the desired goals also helps the trainee develop an inner source of motivation. The diet of the trainee is also another issue considered by the trainer (McClaran, 2003). On personal understanding the trainer helps the student to understand that there is a difference between food and their body. The purpose of the food needs to be understood by the trainee and also how they are programmed towards food consumption. For example, some people live to eat instead of eating to live therefore they take food so as to enjoy themselves from the sources, upon identifying

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