Performing bank in the UK

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Write a research paper on performing of bank in the UK.

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Banking communication is also accessible throughout the day with the customer being able to call or use the internet to make inquiries. Any overdrafts below 500 do not attract any interest. Any overdrafts above 500 and below 5000 will attract interests with the latter being the upper limit for overdrafts allowed. Customers are not required to pay for the set up of the account. However, there is a 9.9% EAR surcharged. The overdrafts ceiling is subject to review on a case by case basis. (HSBC Bank UK, 2008, Online) The HSBC has acknowledged that internet transaction technology came with its challenges. Thus they have put up a robust measure to protect the customers against the vice of identity and transaction theft. Customer will therefore not be subjected to any charges of overdrafts occasioned by online theft. Finally, the customer has the privilege of cashing a check of up to 2000 for a paid in cheque over the counter. (HSBC Bank UK, 2008, Online) How the product/company is performing (brand share, sales, etc) In the UK, the HSBC has felt the impact of the bottom of the cycle.

The HSBC Premier has been targeting the commercial properties segment which in the last quarter of 2007 was impacted by the pricing problem. This period saw the capital values go down 11.8% as an extension drop from the Q2 of 2007. (Investment Property Data Bank, 2007, Online)(HSBC Premier, 2008. p.1-7) But since the momentum of capital value reduction is going down, it can be justifiably noted that the HSBC Premier Property Market is moving to the bottom of the cycle. The share capital value declined by about 2% in January 2008 in comparison to 4.2% in December 2007. Thus the capital share value is picking up positively towards fair value. (HSBC Premier, 2008. p.7) This correction has had an impact on market sales even with the prices declining further. The customers have therefore been overreacting to the sale by buying more capital through HSBC Premier Services. This increased sale could be risky to the economy of the UK as the retailers could be working on false values of the property. If this outlook is exploited by the impending development plan in central London, there could be a bleaker and more suppressed rental value for houses. Overall the market is suffering from weakened currency, slowed equity market, the mixed performance of the mortgage loans, unstable interest rates and harsh economic conditions (HSBC Premier, 2008. p.7)

The brand’s targets, segment appeals and available marketing competition in that banking sector HSBC Premier is targeting a range of middle to upper-income class customer. This is evident in their setting of minimum overdrafts and maximum overdrafts. The second evidence is in the way the respective overdrafts will be subjected to interest rates and&nbsp. their subsequent securities. Thirdly, their stress of international debit cards is yet another precautionary strategy of financial discipline and convenience. There are aware that most low-income earners may not be creditworthy and are better off with international debit cards that will allow them to access their cash even as they travel abroad.&nbsp. The fourth indicator that they are targeting the medium to a high-income lot of customers is the availability of insurance facility to customer’s who have a specific account portfolio with the HSBC Premier.

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