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Write a 300word dicussion reponse to my peer’s post .following is her postWhile nursing theory is often neglected in today’s clinical practice, it does have a valuable role and would improve the quality of nursing care if used more frequently. This would likely lead to increased patient satisfaction. Historically, nursing theory began as a vague and abstract explanation, including all the variables, of situations involving care. Philosophical generalizations were included; these were grand theories. Thankfully, they allowed for the development of more specific, middle-range theories. These theories, I feel, are more applicable to clinical practice as they describe or predict concrete outcomes. They allow for research studies to be conducted to validate them with evidence. The only negative aspect of middle-range theories is that by their very nature of being more concrete, some variables are excluded.  My argument throughout class has been that many nurses are not exposed to theory as it is not included in associate degree programs or continuing education. Sadly, their nursing practice can suffer as a result. An article in Macau Journal of Nursing described theory as to be used “in consciousness” to change practice (Mao, 2015). An example, the difference between two nurses inserting an intravenous catheter into their patient. The nurse who incorporates theory into their practice will carefully explain the procedure to the patient and practice with caring versus the other nurse, who may just tell the patient they are going to put in an “IV.” This describes the essence of incorporating theory into practice.  The article goes on to list four reasons why theory is not used in practice: lack of understanding, perceived uselessness, busy routines, and an unsupportive environment for using theory (Mao, 2015). These barriers apply to practice today but can be overcome. Education or workshops focusing on theory would expose nurses to its existence to better their practice and patient satisfaction. Incorporating theory into practice does not increase the time it takes to accomplish tasks but enriches the nurse-patient relationship during care. Healthcare organizations are starting to promote theory education as a part of their financial incentive nurse advancement programs.  Running head: NURSING PRACTICE 1 Nursing PracticeStudent’s NameInstitution NURSING PRACTICE 2 Nursing practice plays a very vital role in providing a constant care to patients and thathas…

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