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prepare and submit a paper on communication crisis management.

Communication is a vital component within an organization. The nature in which a firm interacts with the external and internal environment will determine the effectiveness of a crisis management plan. Solving a crisis involves communication between the affected parties. The complexity of a crisis is defined by the organizational structure. Communication is a vital component. In some case, communication may be hampered. The barrier of communication may limit the diverse approach by a given party. An organization that experience communication barriers tend to have issues while solving conflicts and managing the crisis. The level of crisis, in this case, will determine the type of communication (Otto, 2012).

Direct communication will indicate the magnitude of a given crisis. The use of a third party will be used as a means of reducing barriers during communication. Barriers to communication may be internal or external. The level of control will be determined by the nature of communication within a given environment. In some case, a third party is used as a means of communication. This implies that direct communication is limit in this approach. The approach implies that the available communication channels are limited.

The model may fail to materialize to translation and language barrier. A third party may be brought in to identify the magnetite of the crisis. The party will concentrate on mediation as a means of dealing with conflict (Coombs, 2012). The third parties may limit the manner in which organizations solves their crisis. The barriers that constitute the third party as a means of solving conflict include hostility and lack of goodwill between conflicting parties. The crisis management strategy needs to acknowledge the communication barrier and use a third party as a means of enhancing communication.

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