Own Sociological Theory

Create a thesis and an outline on Own Sociological Theory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Every individual in society is just like a link in a chain. Even a single weak link in a chain can destroy the total strength of a chain. the same way even a single antisocial element in a society can weaken the cohesion or strength of a society. In other words, for the proper functioning of a society, all the individuals should be equally stronger. Sociologists work for achieving the above objective. In this paper, I briefly explain my own sociology theory. My sociology theory has not developed overnight. So many factors such as intelligence, religious principles, teachings of prominent sociologists, my own experiences in the family and society, etc influenced me a lot while developing my sociological perspectives. Out of the so many factors mentioned above, I think, ultimately my own intelligence and wisdom was the single most important factor which helped me to develop my own views about society and social interactions.

During my childhood, I waited for instructions from my parents to behave in a particular way. But when I grew up, intelligence started to control my activities. For example, during my childhood, I was a strongly religious person. But as I grew up, I started to attract towards atheism. I was a great admirer of atheism for around 3 years. But I was not adamant in my views and was ready to make compromises. I became a believer again as my intelligence started to function properly. I have realized that in nature every activity is following a pattern and in the absence of a superpower or a controlling power, it is difficult for nature to survive for such a long period. I have realized that a fan will stop functioning whenever the power is switched off. In other words, I have realized that our nature or universe will become dull or inactive if no power or energy existed behind it. In short, intelligence started to control my thoughts when I grew up. I have started to analyze the prominent social science theories critically as a&nbsp.result of intelligence development.&nbsp.

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