Organization Management

Write an argumentative essay on Organization Management. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.While he stayed on the job and still grateful to have a job that others wanted, it is still not for everybody as we can see on the rate of turnovers with these kind of jobs. Other’s would prefer a less satisfying professional job for as long as they can fulfill their need for love and belongingness which their family provides.2) The nature of the job which provides a professional satisfaction to the individual increases the level of job satisfaction. More especially if the work pays well and able to meet the individuals’ other needs such as the need for self-esteem provided by a job, belongingness that is provided by the organization and the self-actualization of work. Every company strives for their employees to be satisfied with their job to avoid turnovers that could be costly for the company.3) When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they will naturally tend to do a good job which will translate to a positive job performance. They will also identify with the organization which could affect the behavior of their corporate citizenship. As such, they will put on long hours of work with their own initiative knowing that it is required of the job. Employees also who identifies with their organization will tend to do other functions that is beyond their job description for as long as it is good for the over all well-being of the company. In short, they will do the extra mile with the company when they feel belonginess with the organization. Above all, a happy and satisfied customer will stick with the company thus avoiding turnovers.4) People are motivated differently when they do a particular job. While others are motivated with positive reinforcements as a motivation, there are other employees whose best instinct comes out when they know things are going bad. This is the case of David Clark, the Vice

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