Opportunities for the development of positive environmental

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Write an assignment on opportunities for the development of positive environmental outcomes during the planning and development process. The urban centers including big towns are the engines for development and foundations of concentrated ecological harms. People flock urban centers in order to seek employment opportunities and carry out business activities. thus creating pressure on scarce environmental resources. The expansion of lands for development activities such as the expansion of agriculture and infrastructure development in order to cater to the ever-increasing population has posed a threat to biodiversity. The inevitable congestion contributes to environmental hazards and degradation. thus environmental planners and developers should employ effective strategies for reversing environmental consequences. However, despite the opportunities for the development of positive environmental outcomes, cultural, political, legislative and financial barriers tend to prevent the effective outcomes during planning or developmental process. Implementing or adopting environmentally sound focused broadband policies that can accelerate global progress towards a low-carbon economy is crucial. Buckingham and Evans (1996, p. 123) argue that environmentally planning and sustainability had been a prominent role in the global agenda that sets principles for achieving the desired environmental goals. During the planning and development process, planners should implement environmentally sound policies and set objectives that should be met. The objectives should be realistic and the planners should integrate decision making to include effective millennium development goals framework in order to achieve their targets successfully. Field and Keller (1998 P. 52) also argue employing effective project management strategies and monitoring will offer a wider scale opportunity for tracking progress.Planners, designers and interested groups should focus on regional food planning and implement effective policies to guide the community on sustainable food production. Food is an essential sustaining and enduring necessity for human beings across cultures.&nbsp.

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