Operation of a PEM FC

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Assignment Help

Consider the operation of a PEM FC that provides power to an EV traction motor drive. The FC stack OCV characteristic is defined by the following function:V =Voc- A ln(I) – RI – m exp(nI)Voc is the open circuit voltage, A is the activation losses, R is the resistive losses, and m and n are mass transfer losses. The design goal is to have OCV as high as possible and the voltage losses to be also was possible. The FC stack parameters are as follows: Voc=436V,A=12.9 V, R = 0.181 W, m = 0.0091 Volts, and n =0.013/Ampere.a)       If the FC stack delivers 10 kW of power to the load, calculate the current and voltage of the fuel cell;b)      Determine the maximum power of the fuel cell and the corresponding voltage and current.

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