Operation Anaconda 2

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Write 4 page essay on the topic Operation Anaconda 2.The unique geographical setting of The Gardez-Khost -Shahi-Kot areas in Afghanistan, which consist of harsh climate and high altitude, fostered the growth of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants. So, the research and task collection conducted by various intelligence organizations under the direct control of United States Army Special Forces and Joint Special Operations Command proved much important to the Operation Anaconda.Several intelligence agencies like Central intelligence agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) played significant role in different levels of the operation. For instance, CIA paramilitary forces participated in the mission among special operation forces. Other agencies are: Bureau of intelligence and research, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Imagery Intelligence, National Reconnaissance Office, National Geospatial-Intelligence, signal intelligence, Human Intelligence, (HUMINT) and SOF military Reconnaissance. The Special reconnaissance (SR), controlled by small division of well qualified military workforce played the crucial role in research and task collection stages. So, one can see that the research and task collection conducted by various intelligence organizations in the Gardez-Khost Shahi-Kot areas prove the strengths and limitations of various intelligence organizations in critical situations.Human intelligence (HUMINT) is the oldest method of intelligence service which collects information from human source. The most important and famous intelligence department in the united state is the CIA. During Operation Anaconda, The combined joined task force mountain’s intelligence wing relied upon human intelligence. But in Gardez-Khost -Shahi-Kot areas, the human intelligence personal failed to recognize the exact number of militants and their strength. The Signals intelligence (SIGINT) provided information on presence of Taliban leaders

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