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Submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Open Topic. This is the reason why many countries consider preemption as an essential thing. In most cases, terrorism remains to be a means of carrying on conflicts without considering the threat they cause to nature, hence misusing it for criminal offenses. Due to this characteristic, most groups use terrorism internationally to carry on extreme objectives and goals (Burke & Cooper, 2008). Although there are so many terrorist groups in the world, terrorism can as well be a vague concept. This paper represents a research on terrorism history, types of terrorism incidents, and social and economic effects. Terrorism history The acts and threats of terrorism have been taking place for many millenniums. Despite having such a long history, many governments and groups contesting for their rights and power still use terrorism approach and such acts remain less understood by many people (Weil, 2013). For many years, the adaptability and flexibility of terrorism have resulted in much confusion. The groups looking forward to destroy, reorder, or disrupt the status quo of a country are currently working hard to establish more creative and current technologies to enable them attain their goals (Weil, 2013). Advancement in techniques and tactics used by terrorist groups have been momentous, although more significant is the increase in the number of social contexts in the countries where terrorism occurs. For the last twenty years, the terrorist have been taking place in many countries and the main reason, which influence such acts being religious or political inconveniences (Weil, 2013). Terrorism in 14th century AD The first group in the history of terrorism was the Zealots from Judea. This terrorist group conducted a campaign to assassinate the Roman forces and eliminate all the Jews who had any collaboration with the Romans (Weil, 2013). What influenced their terrorism motive was their belief that they could no longer remain faithful under the Roman leadership and this forced them to commit mass suicide. The next terrorism group was the Assassins, a group that adopted assassination tactic on enemy leaders who were against Cult’s limited labor (Weil, 2013). Even though the two groups operated in ancient time, they are also relevant in today’s world. These groups act as forerunners of the newly established terrorist groups mainly for organization, motivation, goals, and targeting (Weil, 2013). Even though the two groups did not succeed in their missions, their remembrance, even after such a long period portrays the psychological harm they caused. Terrorism in 14th-18th century From as early as the 13th century to the 17th century, groups widely practiced barbarism and terror in conflicts and warfare, although the main ingredients to influence terrorism were missing until 1648 when it was time of modern nation state rise after the Westphalia’s Treaty (Dyson, 2012). During those times, there were inadequate communication means that were controlled, and any cause that could motivate terrorism such as insurrection, ethnic strife, and religious split naturally resulted in terrorism (Dyson, 2012). Terrorism in the 19th century In the late nineteenth century, major political issues and advancement of weapon technology influenced the establishment of many revolutionary groups who successfully attacked states’ governments (Dyson, 2012).

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