Open Adoption Records

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Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: Open Adoption Records. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Key words: information, agreement, consent. Should All Adoption Document Opened To Adopted Child Above 18? Every person above 18 years has a right to have access to information. However, this right should be restricted on special cases. It may require one to restrict information to an individual for the good of the person and those related to the person. Under section 3 of data protection act, one has a right to obtain a copy of any information withheld from him, by an organization. But provisions have been provided under section 5 of data protection act where the information to be provided may negatively affect the code of conduct and interest of an organization (Data protection commissioner, n.d). In this regard, this paper opposes the opening of all adoption records to adopted individual even though the individual may be above 18 years. The assertion is in regard to the following fact. the uncertainty of physiological effects that may be caused due to such revelations. A good example is the case where the biological parents choose to maintain anonymous identification. It would be of great importance to maintain the privacy of the parents. Otherwise not doing so, will not only hurt the credibility of the organization concerned and the biological parents’ right of privacy, but also may infringe negatively into the adopted parents’ relationship with the adopted child. The signed documents between the parents and the organization should be respected and their privacy maintained, and only opened to a third party under their consent, and if a situation forces (Adoption resources, 2013). Otherwise this may harm the firm’s credibility and the biological parents’ feelings, thus causing a negative impact. The second reason for my proposition is due to the fact that such revelations may cause a rift between the adopted parents and the child. This may be due to the fact that the child may have a conflict of interest between the biological and the adopted parents. In one way or the other, one party may have to suffer some kind of damages due to this revelation. It is better to avoid this entire situation by withholding such information so as not to hurt the young person’s emotions. It may be argued that such revelations are important to the health and medical conditions of the adopted kid, because some medical conditions are directly related to the biological family’s medical history. I agree that these conditions would easily be monitored if the biological family’s medical history was revealed to the adopted child. This fact, however, should not be the core reason for opening of all the adoption records to the adopted child. Such critical information should be given to the adopting parents who should reveal the history to the doctors without revealing the adopting documents to the child. Even in such circumstances, only safe information should be released. Individuals aged above 18 years have the right to get access their records (Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, 2006). However, if such information would have a negative impact on the person’s wellbeing as well as people around (i.e. would cause physiological problems and unwarranted anger), it would be better such individual is kept in the “dark” in regard to such scenarios.

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