Observation of healthy adult

Write a 1 page paper on observation of healthy adult. Observation of Healthy Adult Whenever I think of older adults, I always imagine the elderly as possessing the following physical traits: have eminentwrinkled skin, wearing eye glasses, experiencing urinary incontinence, exhibiting irritability, manifesting senility, and always ambulating using walking aids such as canes, crutches or wheelchairs. After being in assisted living for just a week or so, I learned that not all of my perceptions apply to the general adult population. I met a lot of interesting elderly before but one that marked in my mind the most was a male resident who was sitting alone on the porch. The first thing that I noticed was a portable oxygen vaporize. One recognizes that as people age, some of the capacity to utilize oxygen are minimized. so the older one gets, the greater the issue on oxygen deficiency that emerges. Seniors with serious breathing problems take in less oxygen and therefore have less energy to conduct daily life. as manifested by this elderly man. As one observed, he exhibited feeling tired, anxious, and depressed. However, despite his apparent predicament, I also could not help but noticed his cheerful smile. He was sitting alone when he asked me a question about his mobile phone. It is funny how technological developments through telecommunication gadgets have encompassed a wider range of age groups, including the elderly. As I was observing him, I noticed he could read very small prints from his phone manual even without his glasses. whereas I was almost squinting when I read those texts. When asked how he managed to maintain his good eye sight, he told me that eating the right kind and amount of healthy foods is the secret. I realized that he was right. The elderly should have proper nutrition with diet rich in dark-green vegetables and have adequate sleep to maintain good eyesight. However, I noticed that behind his smile, he was feeling melancholy. especially when he complained about some personnel in Bristal who were apparently mean to him. He mentioned that everybody was ignoring him and nobody was taking care of the wound on his foot. A reflective mood led him to disclose that his life had greatly changed when he became a widower after 40 years of sharing good memories with his wife. The story progressed to mentioning a daughter who is a speech therapist in a nearby school (which he could not remember the name). He was so proud of her and beamed that I look almost exactly like her. He showed me some of his coin tricks and he also pretended to show his hand and pull his thumb apart. He said it was his hobby and his grandchildren liked it a lot. I could tell that he really missed his family. He noted that there have been so many changes since he lived in Bristal. A lot of times, he could not think of anything right. he observed that his memory was declining and he was having trouble remembering recent events and even his own birthday. Though, in my thoughts, I was amazed how he could still remember memorable events despite his old age. Amazingly, he even knows how to Google and access Facebook. Asking for one’s advice to assist him in remembering things, I indicated that by playing some mental activities such as crossword puzzles, reading the newspapers, surfing on the internet, and socializing regularly would help him to focus and avoid forgetting. With regards to his physical hygiene, one observed that he has a little bit unruly, wrinkled, with flaccid skin. These conditions naturally occur with aging because the skin loses many of the properties that help make it appear youthful. After our conversation, as he walked to the entrance of the building, I noticed that he was walking stiffly with the aid of his walker. One rationalized that as people age, the bones, muscle mass and strength decreases. Coordination and balance can deteriorate depending on diet and exercise. One’s heart empathizes with the old man with good vision, crisp smile and melancholic perspectives. One wished I could have been her daughter who could visit him more frequently to bring happiness and more memorable experiences for the rest of his golden years.

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