Obesity in American

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According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics, 10.0 percent of adolescent (ages 12 – 19) Americans were obese in 1995; an amount which climbed to 18.0 percent in 2008.(a) Which of the following linear equations could be used to predict percent of adolescent Americans who are obese “y” in a given year “x”, where x = 0 represents the year 1995? Explain/show work. ????. ????=138????+1995 ????. ????= 813????+10 ????. ????=138????+10 ????. ????= 813????+1995(b) Use the equation from part (a) to predict the percent of adolescent Americans who are obese in the year 2026. Round answer to nearest tenth of a percent. Show work. (c) Fill in the blanks to interpret the slope of the equation: The rate of change of number of Americans age 65 or older with respect to time is______________________ per ________________. (Include units of measurement.)

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