Norman Rockwell’s Paintings

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Write an argumentative essay on Norman Rockwell’s Paintings.

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The paper “Norman Rockwell’s Paintings” explores the artworks of Norman Rockwell. Rockwell believes that although one of the student stares outside the window as a sign of individualism, they will be attentive and focused children. The drawing is all inspiring because it communicates idealism. The painting portrays a learning experience for students, teachers, and adult learners. The artist had an insightful observation of Russian classroom experience of school children in the 1960s (Marina Forbes. Russian education system). The artist reflects what he observed during his visit and his amusement with what he saw in the Soviet Union. This encouraged him to think about the events and inspired other students in all classes. It is also an inspiration to teachers and parents on how children can on their own stay focused.

Hall believes that the painting is a portrait of the problems we daily live with and has been embraced as a civil rights’ important symbol. It acted as a remembrance when the United States Supreme Court declared the racial segregation unconstitutional. The painting has a young determined black girl who is going to school under escort. This symbolizes victory on the black race following the court verdict that it is unconstitutional for a state law to establish separate public schools for blacks and whites. This brings out Norman as a supporter of equality and tolerance. The painting shows the declaration by Norman that the federal Supreme Court stated firmly that segregation is illegal.

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