Nonprofit accountability

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Assignment Description·

Syllabus Description:

 Students, as individuals, will write a 6-page (including title page and reference page) analysis on a provided case study on nonprofit accountability.  The paper must be APA formatted.  A complete description of the assignment will be posted in Blackboard and discussed in class.  Students may not collaborate on this paper.· Read Case 6.1 – Provided in Course Materials – Assignments (see Accountability Case Study Paper Assignment)·

Read provided resources on accountability and board governance (see Course Materials)· Follow the outline below.  o Use the outline text as headings for your paper. Include a cover page and a reference page – leaving four pages for the content of the paper. Consult the grading rubric before and after writing the paper. APA formatting – citations, cover page, reference page· Paper Outline – Use this outline for your paper’s headings. Remember APA heading requirements. Introduction (1 paragraph – not listed as a heading)Key Issues to Address Analysis and Evaluation Recommendations Conclusion (1 paragraph).

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