No one shall commit adultery

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses No one shall commit adultery. Family members are open and ready to forgive their beloved ones for their sin of adultery. Of course, this position can be seriously criticized from different perspectives, but there is no doubt that adultery is not the reason for killing a person. In the countries where Islamic religion is practiced, a sin of adultery is known as Zina and a person who committed this sin was subjected to stoning. The strictness of religion of Islam cannot be denied, but it should be mentioned that even in the modern context these practices of stoning still exist. 10 commandments of God should be followed by Gods followers, but God has never acclaimed for killing or stoning to prevent adultery.

He has always appealed for forgiveness and a power of patience and tolerance (Wael).Nowadays we can see that severe measures of punishment are taken against those who committed adultery. In the article “Afhgan woman slices daughter-in-laws throat for refusing prostitution, police say” it is evident that horrible inhumane attitude towards women is still practiced in Afghanistan. Women are killed for their denial to become prostitutes. The Taliban have a usual practice of killing women in the case of adultery. Adultery is a breach of Gods laws for sure, but if a woman is killed then another sin occurs. 13-year-old girl named Sahar Gul was also tortured by her in-laws because she did not conceive right after her husband raped her. Maybe in this case relatives of a girl were triggered by their religious beliefs but no one can deny a horrible and inhumane torturing to which she was exposed to (Afhgan woman slices daughter-in-laws throat for refusing prostitution, police say).

Therefore, in the modern world there are still cases and practices of inhumane attitudes and severe reactions to adultery. It is evident that a person committing adultery has taken sin in her heart, but it is not the reason for killing.

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