Nation to be smoke-free

Prepare and submit a paper on nation to be smoke-free. These are the smokers, society at large and important, the tobacco industry. A secondary stakeholder is the hospitality industry. Smoke-free legislature means that smoking will be prohibited in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and places of entertainment in general. Within the context of the stated, it may be assumed that both the tobacco and the hospitality industry will not support such a legislature but, given the proven outcomes of smoking, will not publicly oppose it either. Proceeding from the above stated, one can conclude that the legislatures in question will be passed and that Australia will be transformed into a smoke-free society.AAP (2007, 18 Oct.) The cocktail of drugs in ex-teammates’ body. Sydney Morning Herald.Drug laws, as this article indicates, are ineffective as a deterrent to drug use. This is evidenced in the fact that the former West Coast Eagles star recently died from a drug overdose. The death of Wainwright, in itself, is not the issue as much as is the failure of drug laws to eliminate the problem of drug use. A consideration of the fact that the primary stakeholder in this is society itself highlights both the complexity and the seriousness of this problem. Society is simultaneously the drug user and the victim. Members therein use drugs and the effect of their addiction is not confined to their own selves but expands to include society which is subsequently vulnerable to an entire array of crimes which are motivated by drug use.A critical consideration of the above leads to two conclusions. The first is that drug laws have proven an ineffective deterrent and the second is that the current drug laws need to be overhauled and include stricter punitive measures for drug users and sellers. The hospitality industry has a pivotal role to play in the war on drugs and the enforcement of drug policies. This is because their premises, especially nightclubs, are often exploited as a venue for selling and using.

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