Napoleon Bonaparte

Write a from the Life of Napoleon BonaparteRecently UploadedPages from the Life of Napoleon Bonaparte – Research Paper ExampleComments page paper on pages from the life of napoleon bonaparte.. In the year 1793’s fall, the conflict in the town of France known as Toulon extended for about three weeks. In this battle that involved blasts of cannon and fired muskets was none other than the youthful captain by the name Napoleon Bonaparte of the Republic of France. He was a conspicuous leader who, in spite of his short stature, boldly made directions to his troop. This young soldier assumed his role without any struggle. This conflict formed part of the revolution that happened in France and that saw the then French King ousted from power in the period running from the year 1789 and 1799. The involved revolutionaries had launched a republic as well as bringing together a fighting force formed of approximately 800,000 army officers. This formed the biggest army on the continent of Europe then. In this army, Napoleon was just an upcoming young officer. Napoleon would have been condemned to a great extent, as he played his role in the army, had the French revolution become disadvantageous to the less wealthy as well as the less influential in the French society. His great skill in this battle while he was only a captain in the army under the then General of the Army Dugommier Jacques, cleared his path to glory, and his rise to power was quite quick. The revolutionary army constituted about 11,000 members and the siege took almost four months. That is, from late August to mid December of the year 1793. The end of this battle was seen by the capturing of Fort Mulgrave as well as the L’Eguillette’s promontoty by the French forces under the youthful Napoleon. These two achievements by the French forces mentioned earlier, offered France a vantage position in command over the harbour in the inner parts following the withdrawing by the Allies. Napoleon got a promotion to become Brigadier-General in December of 1793 just subsequent to the Toulon’s siege performance. Afterwards, he was made the inspector of the coast and which left him based in Nice- a place located in the Southern area of France. He was now at the age of 25 and his career was proving quite promising. This would aid his lifting the living standards of his impoverished background.

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