Myths and Facts Regarding Inmates on Death Row

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Write a 1 page essay on Myths and Facts Regarding Inmates on Death Row.Female exact statistics concerning execution rates may lack reliable backup since it is unknown how many murder cases would qualify for capital prosecution. Cases like infanticide may prompt necessary authorities to claim that the mother is psychologically unfit, thus necessitating medical assessment.Numerous crimes may lack viable conviction to classify them as capital crimes, for instance, infanticide or death in the occasion of self-defense, especially in matrimonial situation. Apart from whites, females originating from other races tend to hold fast to cultural practices that aid in shunning situations that will prompt them to commit capital crimes (Cunningham & Vigen, 2002).Capital crime execution verdict strictly utilizes law, and other legal related aspects that will aid the jurors to offer right sentences according to one’s offence, hence guaranteeing there is justice in the court system (Cunningham & Vigen, 2002).The criminal’s sentence, especially capital crime, depends on which juror is handling the case where, if one does not originate from the same race with the convicted, one should expect a tough

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