Myocardial Infarction Treatment

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Submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Myocardial Infarction Treatment. While the study strongly suggests the need for continuing education and reminders, to achieve compliance, a combined approached of mailing and personal communication might have an even greater effect. Other factors “such as quality of nursing care, nosocomial complications, patient education, and follow-up after discharge may be important in the equation as well”(Phend). Again, follow up appears as a key factor in compliance. In order for the post-MI Patient to receive at least adequate follow-up care, there must be an understanding of-of its importance. Follow up that occurs outside the hospital setting, relies on the patient’s ability and desire to receive continued care. One of the other factors identified by Phend, which is the quality of nursing care, can play a vital role.

Physicians are often the first care providers to information to patients. However, contact with other health care workers occurs most often, after initial treatment for an MI. Nurses can and often do provide additional education, answer questions, arrange for additional services and schedule appointments in clinics, prior to patient discharge. The role of a nurse in post-MI care compliance can be one of educator and means of support when there is none. Even if the nurse does not have ongoing contact with the patient, referral to supportive services and educational groups can be an integral part of care, prior to patient discharge. Nurses often fill roles such as case manager and community care provider.

Currently, management of risk factors is widely accepted as the best course of action in treating post-MI patients. Aside from factors such as family support, transportation and access to treatment, fragmentation of care is also an obstacle to care. Patients often leave the hospital and receive post-MI care in clinics or community centers. “Optimal delivery of care would bridge the gap between the hospital and the outpatient setting” (Houston-Miller 1997). Physicians are responsible for risk management for patients after an MI, yet they have so little time to spend with each patient, in the clinic setting.

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