My trip to Italy

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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: ANALYSIS OF THE MOVIE MY TRIP TO ITALY.These two actors were egotistical, self-absorbed and rude. this is what makes it the more hilarious. This time round, they have been assigned to a second round of restaurants in Italy. Just like several other sequels, the entry of this lacks the surprise element, however that was expected. The thinness of the material is the weakest part in this movie. By trying to intensify the dialogue as well as the characters it outstays its welcome. The narrative is not adequate to stop the movie from losing steam and earlier than expected. Nobody could argue with overstaying in Italy though. Italy’s beauty, comprising Tuscany, Liguria, Rome, Caprio and Amalfi are spectacularly captured by James Clarke’s camera. There is effective utilization of wide angles and overhead shots in image capture such as the cities in the back of the frame as well as boats on the water as the camera moves away in a continuous tracking shot.This is one unbelievably looking movie. however one ought to ask what Winterbottom’s motivation was in coming up with another entry. being one of the most diverse moviemakers globally and usually does not make the same movie a second time. There is recycling of some of the thematic material from other movies such as the Look of Love, which also featured Steve Coogan as a negligent father. Both of the actors are extremely eloquent with their invention. There is more discussion regarding death and age as well as frequent reference to poets such as Lord Byron and pop staples such as Roman holiday. The ironic and thematic goal is that the actors are busy discussing death. not realizing how much time they are wasting. However, the movie’s comedic mistake is in trying to soften Coogan’s character .He was needy, unfaithful and jealous in the first movie but in the sequel he is growing older and intends to spend more time with his son. adding a bit of sentimentality. On the other hand, Steve is more

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