Musical / Political Autobiography

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Musical / Political Autobiography.Music also impacts a lot in people’s daily lives with regard to productivity, mood, as well as feelings. This paper will describe my musical life and commitment as an individual, member of a social group and future.I am an individual who has maintained great passion for music since my childhood. In fact, during my childhood, I could sometimes walk miles just to attend a music concert, something, which I did for several years. This was due to my love for music. Slowly, I began singing other people’s songs since I was still not at a position to compose my own songs. With time, I started getting an opportunity to sing in concerts something that motivated me a lot especially when being applauded by my audience. I became a member of a choir at my local church where I could also participate in singing and composing songs. It was later on that my singing talent was recognized and got a scholarship to study music. It is because of this that I sing songs for different purposes.As earlier stated, music has truly been very important in my life since childhood. This is because of the motivations I received from former music legends who have succeeded in life because of their music careers. One such is the great Bob Marley the legend and Lucky Dube, just to name but a few. My first performances were meant for entertainment purposes and in most cases had no serious message to communicate to the audience. In this regard, I would arise in the morning and compose a song which I felt woul entertain the audience as long as the bits used is appropriate.Indeed, this became a success as many people and concert organizers started looking for me whenever they organized a concert. This is because people usually like listening to entertaining music. For instance, even myself, I have always liked tuning in to music for entertainment especially after a long day of hard work

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