Muhammad ali’s significance in civil rights movement

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Write an article on muhammad ali’s significance in the civil rights movement Paper must be at least 2000 words. The civil rights movement was focused in on the Southern part of America where most of the African American population dwelt and racial discrimination in several aspects was very high. During the onset of the nineteenth century, the state and local governments had passed division laws known as Jim Crow laws (Foner and Garraty, para.2).Muhammad Ali’s career is shining bright during the peak period of the civil rights movement when he is discriminated back in his country after winning the Olympics. He throws away the Olympic gold medal and gradually becomes a member of the civil rights movement by joining Malcolm X’s nation of Islam. NOI as the organization was known a deep hatred towards white people. On his move to Islam, Muhammad Ali had no apologies and was ready to be discriminated basing on his colour and religion (Zirin, Para.29).Muhammad Ali’s success on the ring served as a source of inspiration in fighting against racial discrimination as suppressed African Americans felt they were equally successful as whites. They also felt that he gave them the zeal to push on with the struggle towards racial equality and equal privileges as U.S citizens. His success came at a time when a large share of financial resources was in the hands of whites. Since he was from a very humble family he knew he was destined to do low-class jobs but his prowess made him able to have an impact in the empowerment of black people. (Zirin, Paras. 17-30).By changing his promotional code from the white-dominated promoter Louisville sponsoring group (LSG) to a majority African American Main Bout Muhammad Ali, believed that the economic empowerment was essential for black freedom. Being a historic first black company to air the closed circuit television, Ali knew that only through economic progression and self-aggression could they ever be equal and free. His promoter main bout (Ezra, pp.97-98).

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