Moral Values

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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Moral Values. Lori was my colleague and one of the excellent faculties in Western language Institute from where I have gained outstanding work experience as an English teacher. He was a real versatile with remarkable intellectual abilities and extremely rare standard of teaching skill. However, despite his qualities, he had some bad habits which turned to be the ethical issue I had to confront with later. Lori violated the ethical code of the organization by developing an unfair relationship with one of his female students. However, the issue was not known to any one except me-being his true friend and colleague. I tried to convince him of the seriousness of the issue but all in vain. The more I persuaded him the more he became indifferent to me, and further explained that his choice would not cause any negative impact on the organization. I knew that his act was against the moral perception of the organization and it would spoil the reputation of the firm. The logical reasoning suggested me that he had his right to make his choices on his life. Furthermore, if I tried to discourage him it would also break our friendship. On the other hand, if I did not report the matter to the management, as an employee I would also be violating my moral responsibility. I analyzed all possible alternatives that can deal with the issue for I needed his friendship as well as the organization’s status. Finally, I told him that I would inform the management if he did not abstain from the unethical relation. Lori smiled and said that I could do that because he did not bother the consequences. Therefore in his presence, I rang to our manager and informed him of the situation that we both had been facing. I left the decision to his reasoning and said that Lori has his own reasons but (only) if it is a moral violation he could take some actions against him. Lori was given a punishment transfer and that put an end to his affair. The real value of my decision came to light later as Lori told me that he was grateful to me because I saved his personal integrity and future with my good decision. If I had taken any other move I would have lost my friend forever. and if I did not report his mistake, I would have cheated my employer. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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