Modeling Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Modeling Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Write a 1500 word paper answering; The research methodology used was empirical and qualitative because of the establishment of carbon dioxide’s true features. Interviewing was also used in the collection of adequate data for research. The methodology used enhanced the collection of primary data. Additionally, scientific sources were used to collect secondary data upon carbon dioxide emissions from greenhouses. The methods used in the research study were appropriate with regard to providing reliable answers to the hypothesis under study. For instance, interviewing provided first-hand information pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions. The research generated new knowledge on greenhouse gas emissions, especially on carbon dioxide effects. According to Casper (2010, p.74), modeling is vital but it provides simplified versions of reality. Consequently, researchers are misled on various aspects of research. Therefore, it is important for researchers to be cautious when using modeling in carrying out research studies. Modeling also evokes debates, which result in controversies.

Controversies require extra research studies to resolve various contentions and disagreements pertaining to issues. This notwithstanding, modeling is essential when a researcher lacks ideal conditions for testing a particular phenomenon in research. In this regard, modeling helps in establishing an alternative for research studies. Modeling promotes the generation of adequate data for research analysis. Adequate data for research results in incredible research and reliable research findings (Babbie, 2010, p.29). Modeling in research enhances a controlled research process because various elements of research are controlled. However, modeling is only reliable when the information used for modeling is reliable. Modeling reveals the actual effects of greenhouse emissions on global warming.

The results obtained from modeling may be inaccurate subject to the information utilized for modeling the research. The ethical implications of the research include the negative effect of greenhouse emissions on the environment. The emissions exhaust the ozone layer, which is the major source of livelihood for humanity.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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