Microprocessor prosthetic knee

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Write a 10 pages paper on microprocessor prosthetic knee use for transfemoral amputees. The 19th century saw the use of more advanced lighter-weight prostheses made of wood. It has been found that amputations are largely due to trauma in developing countries while they are from vascular reasons in the developed countries.2 Vascular problems are usually associated with a lot of other illnesses which may limit a person’s mobility and hence eliminate the urgent need for an advanced prosthesis. On the contrary, post-trauma amputees are usually younger with more active lifestyles and hence are candidates for advanced prosthetic placements so as to ensure uncompromised quality of life.Conventional mechanically controlled prostheses utilize a pneumatic or hydraulic damper to provide the appropriate gait parameters for the user at his or her conventional normal walking speed.3 The adjustment is usually effected by a prosthetist. When there is a change in walking speed, the pendulum action of the prosthesis for the change in stride or step is compensated by tilting the pelvis or such other physical maneuvers which delay the extension so that the foot is appropriately placed for the next step. These physical negotiations not only mar the flow of the gait but also use up more energy.

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